On the Starting Line
On the Starting Line
  • Park Sung Iyoung
  • 승인 2022.03.04 10:26
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Hi, everyone. How have all of you been? The Sookmyung Times has published its first magazine in 2022 after a vacation.
March is a month full of excitement about new things. The winter wind that made our hands cold is getting warmer. In addition, the frozen ground melts and sprouts, and the city that had faded is taking back the vitality of spring as it turns light green. Above all, this year, the excitement of being able to feel the beginning of spring with Sookmyungians is coming. Like others, I've also spent a year at home as a freshman, so I'm looking forward to spending every day at school. Also, I can feel how precious our daily life of walking with colleagues on campus and meeting many fellow students in class is. Of course, it will be difficult to fully recover from what we have missed, but I hope the situation will gradually get better.
What kind of year are you dreaming of? What starting line are you standing on? I started in 2022 as the editor-in-chief of The Sookmyung Times. When I was a freshman who was afraid of writing, I applied for the Sookmyung Times to take on a new challenge. At first, I worried a lot about whether I could complete an article well. But as time went by, I grew in confidence. And a year later, I am no longer afraid of writing. Rather than worrying, I spend my time thinking more about delivering better articles to you. So, if you have anything you're thinking about doing, just start and meet it head on. By the time you get to the finish line, you'll have become a stronger person.

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