The New Convenience Store in SMWU
The New Convenience Store in SMWU
  • Park Gil Yeonseo
  • 승인 2022.03.04 10:26
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Students can enter the GS25 convenience store when they use their QR code and do a body temperature check on the first floor of the Student Union Building on the SMWU campus. It is located where the 7-Eleven convenience store used to be. The GS25 store opened at the end of November 2021, and since the number of students coming directly to the university will increase significantly compared to last year, the convenience store will be more actively used. The store is characterized by its being a 24-hour unmanned convenience store. Therefore, students can enter after identifying themselves through an unmanned card reader at the entrance, and they can use credit cards and check cards with IC cards, Samsung Pay, LG Pay, or Kakao Pay barcodes as identification. However, prepaid transportation cards and POP cards are not allowed. The following is the process to buy things at this kind of convenience store. First, the buyer scans the barcode of the product, registers the product, selects the options for discount or reserve, and then makes the payment. Cash is not acceptable. This unmanned convenience store also offers delivery services. Students can use the delivery terminal in the store and put the goods in the delivery box. The delivery service closes at 5 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends. Also, the students can freely use the rest area in front of the convenience store. An anonymous student said, "I'm so happy to have an unmanned convenience store in the university. And the biggest advantage is that we can buy things we want very quickly and conveniently. Since it's an unmanned convenience store, I think it's great that we can use it without the interference of people like clerks." She expressed a positive opinion on the establishment of a new unmanned convenience store. More information on the use of the GS25 convenience store was introduced through a notice on the SNOWE website.

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