Share Your Ideas About Big Data
Share Your Ideas About Big Data
  • Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2022.03.04 10:26
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Big Data Convergence and Open Sharing System Poster 


From December 9th to January 21st, the Big Data Innovation Sharing Project of Sookmyung Women's University held the 2021 Big Data Learning Idea Contest. The Big Data Convergence and Open Sharing System, to which SMWU's Big Data Innovation Sharing Project Group belongs, is an implementation project of the Korean New Deal Comprehensive Plan promoted by the Ministry of Education. Including SMWU and Seoul National University, seven universities are participating. Its goal is to train 100,000 students to lead new technology fields, including big data artificial intelligence, semiconductors, future automobiles, biohealth, and intelligent robot energy by 2026. The Big Data Convergence and Open Sharing System hold various programs such as the Big Data Winter Camp that teaches practical skills of big data experts and the Data-Centric University 4.0 contest for students interested in the big data field. Among them, SMWU held the Big Data Learning Idea Contest for SMWU students to foster talent in the big data field. The contest aims to encourage students to come up with ideas to solve problems with data from various domains. Forty teams including both teams and individuals applied for the contest. Applications were divided into team categories with teams of between two and five people and individual categories with solo participants. There were two themes: big data experiences learned in 2021, ides of efficient lecturing of big data. Although there were no restrictions on the format and amount of content, it was suggested to submit a report using video, PPT, and pictures. The team category winning teams received a Sookmyung prize of 500,000 won and a Sunheon prize of 300,000 won, and the prize money had to be distributed according to the number of team members. The individual winners won a Saehim prize of 20,000 won and a Noonsong prize of 10,000 won. In addition, for the winners, an award and 2000 mileage points were given. Through this contest, participants would have had the ability to challenge themselves using big data and new technologies to respond to future changes.

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