You Are Wonder Woman
You Are Wonder Woman
  • Yoon Kim Eunji
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'Wonder Woman', the first female superhero, is still used as a nickname for women who have powerful power and ability. Despite Wonder Woman's appearance, for a long time in various contexts, women were helped by men only because they are romantically involved with them, or even if they had special abilities, they only served as assistants. The proportion of women seen as heroes is now changing. Recently, more and more women have appeared as main characters, showing woman power. There are fewer women who fall in love with the prince on a white horse. Female heroes who are independent, and even strong inside, give courage to us. 




At some age, love and protection are really needed, but not everyone gets it.

<The School Nurse Ahn Eunyoung (2015)>

Ahn Eunyoung, a high school nurse, is not an ordinary school nurse. Her handbag always contains a BB gun and a funnel-type toy knife in rainbow colors. It's because she has the ability to see things that are invisible and fight them. And then there is Hong Inpyo, a teacher of Chinese characters who injured one leg while riding his motorcycle to school. One day, Eunyoung removes a thorn from the neck of a student named Seungkwon. To encourage Seungkwon to go to the hospital, she meets Inpyo, Seungkwon's homeroom teacher, and is surprised by the huge energy field protecting Inpyo. To find out the source of the thorn, Eunyoung goes to the school's basement. Inpyo goes looking for Seungkwon and goes down to the basement after seeing the open door. The two look around the basement and find a flat stone. When Inpyo overturns the stone, the basement shakes greatly and all the students in the hallway collapse and suddenly go up to the roof. Eunyoung follows to solve the chaos and finds Seungkwon, who has lost his mind, climbing up the rooftop barbed wire. Eunyoung grabs her BB gun and attacks a creature looking like something between a fish and a frog. However, the creature was so large that Eunyoung alone could not defeat it. Then, Inpyo comes to the roof. Will Inpyo be the key to fighting the creature?



This book contains various genres such as romantic comedy, mystery, thriller, and fantasy. As the book gained popularity, in 2020, a Netflix original drama based on the book was released. The drama reached the top of the list of the most popular TV shows on Netflix in Korea and is also loved in more than 190 countries. The bizarre stories of the original book are the reason why the drama is loved so much. The book consists of 10 stories in short episodes. Eunyoung's efforts to protect students from danger continue through the episodes as well as the first episode, "I love you Jellyfish," recounted above. Jellies, which Eunyoung fights in the book, are monsters created by collecting various emotions of people into particle form. Throughout the stories, Eunyoung, who is thought of as strong and cool, relies on her good spirits and is portrayed as a warm person who takes care of the students' mental problems. While reading the episodes, readers will follow the process of Eunyoung's growth. At the end of the book, in the 'writer's words,' the author Jeong Syerang starts by saying, "I wrote this story solely for pleasure." The book, full of warm touching stories and joyful elements of fantasy, will give readers great pleasure.




Come what may, I know the way.


<Moana (2016)>

Long ago, on this earth where there was only the sea, a goddess named Te Fiti appeared and created islands with the power of reviving life from her heart. Because having that heart can give infinite power, Maui, the half-human demigod who can rule the sea and the wind, steals the heart of Te Fiti. However, Maui is soon attacked, and disappears, losing everything he has. This legend has been passed down for a thousand years and a young girl, Moana, grew up listening to it. Moana, the daughter of Motunui island's chief, is being trained to succeed her father. However, Moana, who has a special ability to communicate with the sea, always wants to go exploring there. Then one day, the coconuts rot and the fish disappear, causing a crisis on the island. Moana suggests going out to the sea, but her family stops her, saying the sea is dangerous. However, Moana's grandmother tells her that she has the heart of Te Fiti and the island can be cured if Moana finds Maui and makes him restore the heart. Moana departs to find Maui and is soon caught in a typhoon and gets shipwrecked on an island where she finds Maui. Moana persuades Maui to take responsibility for what he has done and takes him to find Te Fiti. Will Moana be able to meet Te Fiti and save her island




"Moana" is an animated musical movie produced by Disney. Along with Moana's story, the songs sung by various characters and the animation of the huge waves captivate the audience's soul. The main theme song "How Far I'll Go," which won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media, shows the growth of Moana. The song delivers the message of the movie: be yourself and prove that you can do anything no matter who you are. Also, the realistic water effects that took over a year to create are expressed as another character of the movie. The water guides Moana in her journey and even gives her high-fives. This movie will entertain both your eyes and ears. "Moana" broke the framework of most Disney animated movies and drew a journey to find the true me, not a princess story. Moana and Maui understand and help each other, listening to their inner voices, giving the audience great courage. There are times when we don't even try because of being afraid of failure or the environment surrounding us. If Moana hadn't gone out to the sea in her entire life, she wouldn't have failed. Nevertheless, Moana goes out to the sea. She shows the courage to do what you want in a wider world even if you might fail.

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