Show Off Books You Read Through the Reading Certification System
Show Off Books You Read Through the Reading Certification System
  • Kang Kim Hyojung
  • 승인 2022.06.03 10:43
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For Sookmyungians who want to concentrate on reading, Sookmyung Women's University Library prepared a 'reading certification system' and recruited Sookmyungians who will participate in reading six books and writing a reading diary. Sookmyung Library selected 100 Sookmyungians, considering each student's motivations for the challenge from March 16 to March 23. However, completing just the application does not mean that everyone can participate in the program because many Sookmyungians applied for it. Therefore, the library closed the lists in participants of the program a day earlier. This program provides a certificate of reading and 10,000 points for SNOWAY when students finish reading six books and upload book reviews for them. Three of the six books must be from the recommended book list which is provided by Sookmyung Library. The genre of recommended books is usually literature, and the others are society of humanities, philosophy, and natural science. The general form of a book diary is provided by the library to prove one's reading. The participants have to write the book title, subject, author, publishing company, and so on before reading. Then after reading, they write the reasons why they read this book and their experiences related to it. In addition, they can write about what impressed them and their thoughts or feelings. There is even an annual reading schedule format, a detailed reading schedule format, and so on in the book diary. These will help not only good reading habits but also improve reading skills while thinking critically about each book. Through this program, participants can improve their reading ability by participating in this program steadily. In addition, Sookmyung Library will select excellent students who wrote book reviews well and award them a 20,000 won gift card. More details are found on the SNOWAY website. 

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