How to Create My Own Career
How to Create My Own Career
  • Lee Kim Narim
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SCREENSHOT OF SNOWE_ Student Autonomous Design Major


A 'Student Autonomous Design Major' is a type of major in which students design and complete their own curriculum according to their career goals or interests without accepting the existing curriculum of a single major or dual major. Upon completion of the course, a degree is awarded by recognizing it as a double major. Structurally, it belongs to the double major and is divided into 'general type', 'SMHM type', and 'professor recommendation type'. The general type is an ABC program, which consists of three elements in total: "Advisor" that improves completeness through a consultation process with professors, "Browsing" that provides a guidebook for students' ideas to return to one major, and "Counselor," a counseling program with students' autonomous design majors. The SMHM type is for students with chemical engineering, IT engineering, electronic engineering, or mechanical systems as their primary or double majors. Students can apply for the Smart Green, Care Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, IOT Engineering, or Future Convergence Automotive Engineering majors. In addition, the professor recommended a new convergence major system of our university to lead the cultivation of talent in this new industry. When a professor presents a major plan according to social demand analysis, the student finally designs and completes it. Business Analytics (BA) can be applied in the form of professor recommendations, and the purpose is to create new value by planning, collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data necessary for one's major or job area. There are a total of 36 credits, and up to 9 overlapping credits are recognized. There is no graduation thesis, and it targets those who are scheduled to return to school in the second semester of 2022 in their third to sixth semesters and students on leave in their fourth to seventh semesters. Students can submit their applications from May 25 to May 31. Also, they can enjoy the benefits of being awarded a scholarship, having overlapping credits recognized, and prioritization of the confirmation of classes in the second semester of 2022. Specific curriculum and guides can be found through SnoWe.  

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