New Faces on SMT
New Faces on SMT
  • Kim Jang Yunsun,Lee Gayun ,Jung Nam Chaehee
  • 승인 2022.09.02 09:46
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Lee Gayun

Hello, everyone! My name is Lee Gayun. I am majoring in English Language and Literature. I'm very happy to become a cub reporter for the 90th The Sookmyung Times. I have been working in the newspaper department since I was in high school, and I am excited to be able to work in the in-school newspaper department again. I'm not that talented yet, but I want to learn a lot from The Sookmyung Times. I will work with other competent journalists in SMT to accurately convey stories with critical thinking. I hope you enjoy the Sookmyung Times, too!


Jung Nam Chaehee

Hi, everyone! My name is Nam Chaehee. I am majoring in the Department of Political Science & International relations. I applied to join the Sookmyung Times because I was interested in the job of a reporter who can communicate stories accurately to people. So, I'm very honored to get the chance. Although English is a little difficult and I have many shortcomings, I will try my best to write good articles for you. I hope you are also looking forward to it. Thank you.


Kim Jang Yunsun

Hi everyone! My name is Jang Yunsun. I am a freshman in the Department of Arts & Crafts. The reason why I applied to join Sookmyung Times was because I wanted to find my dream that I haven't found yet. Through this, I wanted to experience various fields, away from being an art major. so I'm happy to be a cub reporter for the 90th Sookmyung Times. I have a lot of feelings of pride that I am a cub reporter for this publication. Although there might be some difficulties in becoming a good reporter, I will do my best in this role. I hope to connect with you soon in the Sookmyung Times. Thank you.


Kim Jang Yunsun / Reporter
Lee Gayun / Reporter
Nam Jung Chaehee / Reporter

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