'High Risk, High Return'
'High Risk, High Return'
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji
  • 승인 2007.10.02 19:32
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On September 20, a chief editor in Cosmopolitan, Yoon Kyung-hye, visited SMU to share her experience with Sookmyungians.  This was held by AIESEC Sookmyung.  She delivered the passionate lecture in Gemma Hall, explaining her dramatic procedure to launch and publish the successful magazine, Cosmopolitan.  Especially, she emphasized the power of positive attitude, the belief that anything can be done if someone tries one’s best.  She said, “When I was recommended as an editor in the new magazine, I hesitated because there were too many negative opinions toward the magazine.  However, a friend of mine told me that ‘High risk, high return’ which cheers me to decide to run a risk.”  Also, she shared her habit that she has been writing her own dream note, which refreshes her passion.
After asking how many students want to be a reporter, she said that the good thing as a reporter is he or she can approach to anyone only with a name card.  She definitely enjoyed her job.  “When you don’t enjoy your career, you can’t succeed in this global 21st century.”  That was the last point in her lecture.

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