For Anyone Who Wants a Convergence Major
For Anyone Who Wants a Convergence Major
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2022.10.05 09:52
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2022 ​​​​​​​Online Interdisciplinary Major Fair


Sookmyungians can apply for an 'interdisciplinary major' as a double major. The interdisciplinary major is not part of the recruitment unit of SMWU, but it provides a curriculum in connection with two or more related fields. To introduce and promote those majors to students, the 2022 Online Interdisciplinary Major Fair is underway. It is held to activate those majors in which students can explore new studies and cultures based on cooperation and integration between people and disciplines in a rapidly changing society. Students can participate in this fair by logging in to SMWU's SnowBoard and registering for the e-Class 'Online Interdisciplinary Major Fair.' After registering for this fair, they are provided with a guidebook from the College of General Education, containing overall information on those majors. This guidebook includes descriptions of the interdisciplinary majors, guidance on completing major credits, and the types of those set up in SMWU. There are a total of 15 majors, all of which have videos with detailed introductions and promotional materials uploaded on SnowBoard. For example, one of them, the Interdisciplinary Program for Public Service, is a major linked to the Department of Public Administration. Its curriculum consists of the science of public administration and law. Another major, the Interdisciplinary Program for Global Business Development, includes lectures from market technology experts based on experience in foreign countries and foreign language capabilities. Although it is an interdisciplinary major in the Department of Business Administration, it values global practical experience, so its lectures are conducted in conjunction with the Department of Business Administration and the Entrepreneurship major. An anonymous student said, "I never had thought about an interdisciplinary major before. After this fair, I'm in interested in that of my department and I will look for more information about it." Through this Online Interdisciplinary Major Fair, students will be able to understand the interdisciplinary majors more deeply while giving them a chance to consider their aptitude.

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