Adding Accents to a Plain Look Using a Baseball Cap
Adding Accents to a Plain Look Using a Baseball Cap
  • Kim Lee Jiwon
  • 승인 2022.10.05 09:52
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Please introduce your personal style to our readers.

Achromatic colors are more preferred because they are easy to match anywhere without a certain style. As I wore it today, white color looks cool in summer, so I enjoy white color tops in summer the most. I usually prefer mini bags because I don't have many things to carry around, so these days, I use KUHO's tumbler bag. I tend to use a tumbler for the environment. It's uncomfortable to carry just the tumbler on public transportation or when it's raining, so that's why I bought a bag for it. I tend to use it when I go to school with the tumbler, but if not, I use it simply to carry my cell phone and wallet.


Please share your fashion tips using a baseball cap with our readers.

I usually like to dress cleanly, so I often use color on a few fashion items, one of them being a cap. I matched a black skirt with a white blouse, a so-called "monami look," with a blue cap to highlight it. Lastly, I think the hidden charm of caps is that when you're not wearing one, you can attach the cap to the strap of a crossbody bag and create it as another fashion item.


1. Top / 8 Seconds / 39,900 won
2. Bottom / Laroom / 27,000 won
3. Shoes / Converse / 95,000 won
4. Bag / Kuho / 69,000 won
5. Cap / MLB / 36,000 won

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