To the Best Destination!
To the Best Destination!
  • Park Gil Yeonseo
  • 승인 2022.10.05 09:52
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We go to school or work every day and live a repetitive daily life. Travel is the biggest healer for those who are tired of this life and feel bored. Everyone will often dream of a free trip, imagining a special and happy experience in a new place. One of the most important things in planning the best trip that makes our lives more worth living will be to decide where we go. Let's go find the best travel destinations at home and abroad.


1. <My favorite travel destination>
(Kim Hyunju, Department of Public Administration '18)

I have traveled to various Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Guam, Hong Kong, Macao, etc. Among them, my favorite travel destination is Taiwan. The best places in Taiwan were Shifen and Jiufen. In Shifen, you can experience flying lanterns with wishes written on them. It was raining and hard, but it was definitely one of the most fun experiences. Jiufen is famous for being the background of the movie "Spirited Away." The lights hanging in every building and alley were so beautiful at night. However, in fact, the reason why I chose Taiwan as my favorite travel destination is not because I like Shifen and Jiufen, but because of the kind Taiwanese people. A Taiwanese person approached me first and helped me when I was struggling to communicate with the train station staff. A taxi tour driver actively took pictures by recommending poses that fit the place, and the hotel staff gave us tons of local tips such as places to visit and local restaurants. Thanks to them, I could truly enjoy my first overseas trip. The memory of these kind people still lingers four years later. I recommend Taiwan to those who want to have a happy experience that is memorable for a long time.


2. <Where was your favorite travel spot?>
(Won Eunchae, Division of Korean Language & Literature '22)

My favorite travel spot was Gyeongju. Some might think 'Gyeongju?' A must-have course for a school trip? And I had this thought, too. However, after arriving in Gyeongju, I changed my mind when I went to the places I planned. In addition to the historical sites that I used to visit on my school trip, I could visit various places I had never been to, such as Hwangridan-gil and the sea. The most impressive place among all the places I visited is the Tomb of King Munmu. I watched the sunrise there after heading out at dark dawn to see it. What I felt on my way to see the sunrise was that the world was really busy. No matter how early I woke up, the world was always starting earlier than I was. Besides, I had a chance to rethink history through my trip to Gyeongju, and I could learn about the joy of voluntarily preparing for a trip. If I have another chance, I want to go there again.

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