New Changes in the Library
New Changes in the Library
  • Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2022.11.04 09:52
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Sookmyung Women's University Library has undergone various changes during the summer vacation. The biggest change among them was the opening of Lee Kyungsun Hall, a complex learning cultural space. Lee Kyungsun Hall was named after the mother of Cho Sunhae, a graduate of SMWU and founder of Korea's largest pharmaceutical distributor, Geo-young. SMWU said it created a space to honor CEO Cho's will to steadily support the development fund for the advancement of its alma mater, and held the opening ceremony of Lee Kyungsun Hall at the Library on August 30. Lee Kyungsun Hall, which was constructed in the previous location of the information desk, is an open-ended complex learning space optimized for the cutting-edge digital education environment. It is designed to support communication and collaboration among students by installing IT seats with stand and wireless charging function, a digital content production studio, conference tables and sofas. In addition, the space also includes a healing zone and facilities and furniture of various colors and shapes to provide a space for students to rest while studying. However, it is not the only place to transform the library through remodeling. Due to the remodeling of Lee Kyungsun Hall, the Hong Eunwon Film Archive, which was located on the 2nd floor, moved to the 1st floor and modified its name to the Hong Eunwon Media Lab. The Hong Eunwon Media Lab, which is equipped with a large LED screen, has become an attraction at the library as it not only has assumed the functions of the Hong Eunwon Film Archive but also offers display. Hue, the café on the fifth floor of the central library, also reopened its tightly closed doors. In recent years, Hue had temporarily closed its eating and drinking spaces due to the risk of COVID-19 infection. However, the spread of COVID-19 infection has decreased, and restrictions on eating and drinking have been lifted, making it possible to open up again. Kwon Sumin, a student of the Division of Business Administration, said, "With the remodeling of the library and the reopening of Hue, I'm glad that there are more things available in the library. Now that I can use the Hue café, I don't think I have to go out to eat while studying." It is expected that the newly changed library including Lee Kyungsun Hall and the reopening of Hue café will further enhance the convenience of SMWU Library.

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