Our Last Time at the Times
Our Last Time at the Times
  • ,Park Sung Iyoung ,Kim Lee Jiwon ,Kim Seol Yunha ,Park Gil Yeonseo ,Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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The 89th reporters' long journey with The Sookmyung Times is over. Under the motto of "Critical Voice to Change the World," five journalists have been critical voices at Sookmyung Women's University for two years. We hope our efforts and voices are firmly embedded in the articles of this precious magazine every month.


Sung Iyoung: First of all, I'm glad I completed my life as a reporter for the SMT successfully. The past two years have been a time when I could feel the weight of my articles as a student reporter and editor-in-chief. A lot of what I've seen, heard, and felt here will be a big asset to me. Also, it was a privilege to be able to spend this precious time with the best team. Even after graduating from school and heading out into society, good memories at the SMT will stay with me. Yeonseo, Eunji, Jiwon, and Yunha, thank you and I love you all!

Gil Yeonseo: It feels like just yesterday when I was a cub reporter entering the editing room on pins and needles, and it is bittersweet to hear that it is already time to leave the SMT. My promise as an SMT reporter at the beginning was to faithfully serve as a channel for communication. I was lacking a lot, but I tried my best to keep my word. I grew up a lot through various episodes I experienced here, and all of those have made me blissful, meaningful, and grateful. I would like to thank the 88th reporters who taught me a lot, the 89th reporters who made unforgettable memories with me, the 90th reporters who will continue to shine and brighten the SMT, and all the readers.

Lee Jiwon: The time I worked as a society section editor is coming to an end. Being an editor provided me the biggest opportunity to work in solidarity with other people at SMWU, society, and even the world. The two years I spent here was a wonderful growing experience for myself. However, something I really hope is that the SMT has served as a reliable communication channel for someone. As I have interviewed and seen many people who courageously cry out that we are not the only ones who live in this world, I will also continue to be an SMWU student who strives for a better world. Thank you to all the reporters who were beside me.



Kim Eunji: Before writing my last article for issue No. 380, I opened my laptop folder full of SMT activities to remind myself of my initial intentions. As I looked at the articles I had written thus far, I noticed my development over time. Unlike last year, when I lacked a lot and knew nothing, I think I've grown quite a bit. My two years at the SMT were difficult, but I have so many proud moments that I will never forget. Thank you to all the reporters with whom I spent time, and from now on I'll look forward to the future of the SMT.

Seol Yunha: Sitting at my desk to write the last article, I remembered last year's new reporter summer training. At the time my article was a lot shorter compared to my expectations, so I did not want anyone to read it. However, two years later, I compared my most recent article with my first article, and I found a lot of changes since then. Working as an SMT reporter has been a valuable opportunity that may never happen again. Sincerely, I would like to say thank you to the 89th reporters for believing in me, and good luck to the 90th reporters who will follow me.


Park Sung Iyoung / Editor-in-Chief
Kim Lee Jiwon / Society Section Editor
Kim Seol Yunha / Culture Section Editor
Park Gil Yeonseo / Society Section Editor
Yoon Kim Eunji  / Woman Section Editor

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