Wearing the Excitement of Campus Life
Wearing the Excitement of Campus Life
  • Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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Can you recall the excitement of entering college and the feelings of being a freshman starting your campus life? To adjust to college, you might have searched for information about SMWU, and bought your favorite college varsity jacket to wear on campus. In spring, when freshman students first set foot on campus, the campus is filled with students taking pictures wearing their college varsity jackets under the cherry blossom trees. To make memories of college life, Sookmyungians purchase various college varsity jackets. Let's look at a couple of designs and materials of SMWU's college varsity jackets.


1. <Simple Is the Best>
(Lee Jisoo, Division of Business Administration '20)

My favorite college varsity jacket is the 'Navy Basic English College Varsity Jacket.' As it is the most basic jacket, it does not have a special design, but it is the neatest. On the back of the jacket, the name of SMWU, 'SOOKMYUNG W.UNIV.' is written and 'Since 1906,' which is the opening year of our university. Also, the slogan of SMWU, 'Be the queen, Rule your world,' is written in cursive letters. The snowflake mark of SMWU is drawn on the right arm. I wear the jacket usually when the daily temperature varies a lot, and I wear it on days when I can't choose which outfit to wear. It goes well with all clothes and is comfortable, so I wear it almost every day during the exam period. I recommend this jacket to all of the readers because it does not go out of fashion as it is the most commonly seen jacket in school. Moreover, it looks good with any outfit, so it's easy to match with other clothes. The navy color is the representative color of SMWU, so students wearing this jacket can demonstrate both their love for our college and convenience.


2. <Cute and Comfortable>
(Shin Yubin, Division of Chinese Language & Literature '20)

The college varsity jacket I wear often is the '2020 English Corduroy College Varsity Jacket.' The corduroy jacket is special in that it is made from corduroy material all the way up the arms. This jacket is very convenient for taking notes while listening to classes because of the corduroy material's relative flexibility compared to leather. This was the main reason I bought two corduroy jackets in pink and sky-blue. Additionally, all the inscriptions on the jacket are emphasized with three-dimensional white puffy fabric, so they are very cute! The corduroy jacket I bought weighs only 2 ounces, which is good for spring or autumn when the cold wind blows. I would like to recommend this jacket to SMWU students because its design is very cute and comfortable, and it will keep you warm.

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