The Best Character Who Lives in a Comic Book
The Best Character Who Lives in a Comic Book
  • Kim Jang Yunsun
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Can you recall the memory of borrowing comic books as a child? The comic books we read have remained one of our childhood memories. These days, comic book stories not only gave us fun, but also sadness and other emotions. In addition, one's favorite character in a comic book remains as memorable as the story. A favorite character in a comic book can be the driving force to reading the book until the end and can be the reason for reading that comic book. Let's listen to Sookmyungians' favorite characters in comic books.


1. <The most handsome character in a comic book>
(Hwang Chaewon, Department of Public Relations & Advertising '20)

I have a firm character preference when it comes to choosing characters in comic books. First, it has to be black, and a blunt expression with a tight mouth is the default, and a cat-like face is much better. In the past, I found the cover of a cartoon called Tokyo Aliens while passing through the comic section. Tokyo Aliens is a cartoon about what happens in A.M.O., a police organization that manages Japanese aliens. As soon as I saw the character on the cover, I fell in love with the character, "Tenkubashi Shou." He has my favorite appearance, and he is good at studying, cooking, exercising, etc., and uses a nice double-handed sword when he fights. He is not the main character of the cartoon, but he appears as a great supporting character. I'm going to introduce you to the best-looking character, Shou of Tokyo Aliens Volume 1, who was on the cover before the main character, and my collection of items.


2. <Immersing Oneself in Lee Myungheon of Slam Dunk>
(Jang Bomin, Division of Child Welfare & Studies '22)

My favorite character is Lee Myungheon from Slam Dunk, which is my favorite comic book. Slam Dunk is a Japanese basketball cartoon that became popular in the 90s, and a movie that was recently released under the name of <The First Slam Dunk>. Lee Myungheon is the captain of Sanwang High School and is known as the strongest high school basketball player, playing point guard. I didn't like this character at first glance. I thought he was just a man with a shaved head with a strange habit of adding 'Bbyong!' at the end of each word. But by the time I had read Slam Dunk for the fifth time, Lee Myungheon became my favorite character. Because of his background, his unique habit can make him look comical at first glance. However, through his reticence and directness, I could know that he has a sense of authority. In addition, he is called the best guard in comic books. As the top leader of the team, he always calmly understands the situation and grinds down the opposing team's guard. When I noticed this aspect of being the best guard in the view of the Slam Dunk, I embraced him as my favorite character.

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