Something That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle
Something That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle
  • Ju Kim Jiyeong
  • 승인 2023.04.03 09:57
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The warm weather in April makes me feel good. If there's anything that makes you feel good just thinking about it, what is it? I think it's beautiful that people’s eyes sparkle when they see something they like or do what they like. There are many people around me who focus on their favorite things, such as liking a baseball team or liking an artist for years. Also, I have a friend who decided on a career path in middle school and has been following only that one path since then. I admire them because it is hard for me to like something consistently. For instance, at one time I liked reading books, so I read books almost every day, but it didn't last long. I lost interest quickly despite having a favorite singer. So, I think it’s cool to know what one likes and keep going down that road steadily.
I think people who have their own special tastes are also cool. Last summer, I watched a Japanese movie, <It's a Summer Film (2021)>. The main character, Manbal, is a big fan of martial arts movies. She goes beyond enjoying martial arts movies and challenges herself to making a film. Like this, what people like becomes a safe place for them and a driving force for them to live their lives. Like the main character Manbal, I want to be a person who has my own taste and goes straight in that direction.
I recently discovered a great phrase: "What mattered to him was not death but life, so the feeling he felt when he was sentenced to death was not fear but nostalgia for life." It's from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book, <Cien anos de soledad>. I hope we fill our lives with what we love, and always feel the value and happiness of life. So, when we look back on the past, I hope it will be filled with beautiful memories. Now, let me introduce magazine no.382 prepared by SMT’s 90th group of reporters. I hope you have a good time reading the articles and have a nice April.

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