By My Side, By Your Side
By My Side, By Your Side
  • Ju Kim Jiyeong
  • 승인 2023.06.02 09:51
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Hi, everyone. It's already June, halfway through 2023. June is the month of the final exams, and it's also when summer vacation begins. We haven't been able to interact actively with people for a while because of the pandemic, but now everything seems to have returned to its original state. Walking outside without a mask, I can feel many things that I had forgotten, such as the smell of old buses, the refreshing smell of grass, and the scent of the spring breeze. I realized how precious the things that exist around us naturally are.
My parents are people whom I have taken for granted to be by my side and they are very precious to me. However, I felt that their youth was not eternal. As I grow up, my parents get older. It makes me feel bitter that my parents' wrinkles are increasing every time I go to my parent's house. As time goes by, I think more about my parents. I still remember the times I have spent with my parents, such as my father brushing my teeth when I couldn't brush them alone or sitting face to face with my parents while we eat. And it saddens me that those days don't last forever. There are many unfair things in the world, but everyone is equal in the face of age and time.
I think the reason why I'm living a comfortable life is because there have been people who have loved and supported me by my side. If we remember this, we will realize how important it is to value those who are by our sides now and to do our best in this moment.
I would like to introduce magazine no. 384, prepared by SMT's 90th and 91th group of reporters. I hope you enjoy reading our magazine and I always appreciate your interest.

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