How to Appear Yourself through Résumé
How to Appear Yourself through Résumé
  • Lee Jung Seung-ji
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You want to get job sooner or later.  If so, imagine yourself in the following situation.  Ms. Kim Jin was a senior graduate student.  She was looking for a job and applied to several companies.  She prepared her résumé because this is the first step for most companies.  However, there are more applicants than job positions.  To make matters worse, most of the applicants are similarly qualified for the job.  At this moment, if you can’t catch the eye of the examiner, you can’t get the next step in the process.  Ms. Kim Jin said, “It was hard because I didn’t know what I should state on my résumé and I had to impressively express myself in only one short page.  Also, when I thought that I was not a good match for the corporation, it made things even more difficult.  Actually, I have learned which characteristics the companies look for in people (creativity, good skill to urgent circumstance and quick worker etc.), but sometimes I have features against those points.  As a result, I should focus only on things which correspond with the company.” 
What do you think about her trouble?  Do you sympathize with her?  Here, are some tips to help.

Résumé - Write Your Résumé to the Person in Charge

Lineage, Scholarship, Career and Special Abilities
When you write your résumé, it is the most important to fill in the application form according to the corporation.  In the items of lineage, the relationship with the head of a family is your relationship to your head of household.  For example, if the head of your household is your father or mother, the relationship with the head of a family is not father or mother, but the eldest daughter or second daughter etc.  When you fill in items of scholarship, it would better to write them in a reverse chronological order, from most recent to youngest.  Here is where you can write about certain courses that you have completed.  Also, if you have some experience in a company, such as intern, that’s right to fill it in here as well.  It is also a good idea to write contents and accomplishment of study in school, the main subject of a seminar and graduation thesis in form.  It is proper to fill in foreign language ability and various certificates of qualification. 

Picture-Making a Favorable Impression
Sometimes, people leave their picture off the form.  Nowadays many companies want to get résumés through the Internet.  If you are applying on-line, it is better to scan your picture and attach it.  When you take a picture for your résumé, it is best to wear a jacket or a blouse, make up your face and have a neat hair style.

Cover Letter

Victory or Defeat in Just Ten Lines
A personnel specialist said that people in charge of hiring decide whether to continue reading a résumé or not in only 30 seconds.  If you express yourself well, you can appeal to people in charge.  Hence it is nice that you pursuit unique when you write a cover letter.  The specialness can be your peculiar experience.  However there is what you keep in mind.  It is that you should focus on yourself undergoing the activity.  Actually examiners don’t be interested in being operation and are interested in you who may work with them.  Therefore, what you focus on is not only activities but also your gotten character via those.  Also, you have to write honestly without exaggeration.  Although you present yourself to in a better-than-reality way, they can know the real facts because you support your claims with documentation.  You had better have a clear point in your cover letter.  To do actualize that, it may be a way that whole writing has one or two concepts, such as your character or your career harmonized with the corporation to which you are applying. 

Omit parts not related with your job sphere
Not all characteristics agree with every company.  Some people tend to write everything related with them in cover letter.  However, people in charge of personnel departments don’t want to know everything about you.  They are interested merely in how well you will work with their corporation. Therefore, when you write a cover letter to get a job, you have to omit the parts that don’t relate with applying field.  As a result, you should write a different cover letter for each company that you apply for.

Ms. Kim Jin said, “I regret that I didn’t do many meaningful activities during my school days.  When I think about my situation now, if I did significant activities, I can write more about my career.”  This shows that an action can become a career.  Therefore, if you did some work connected with the job that you’re applying for during your school days, those very activities may play the important role to get the job.  A person in charge of appointment of SK telecom said, “In the past, company thinks that an initiative spirit is more important than anything else, but lately corporations prefer if candidates serve internships or do volunteer activities.  So to speak, the enterprises are focusing on detail operations.”  Therefore, when you write your résumé, it is better to write clear details.

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