One-on-One Employment Clinic, a Helping Hand for Employment
One-on-One Employment Clinic, a Helping Hand for Employment
  • Kang Lee Seoyoon
  • 승인 2023.06.02 09:51
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A one-on-one job clinic is being operated at the Job Plus Center on Campus. The nature of the counseling varies depending on one's grade. Career counseling is usually conducted for the lower grades and employment counseling for the upper grades. Each session lasts 40-50 minutes, and it is possible to apply up to three times a month. Applications can be made through Snoway, by booking in advance. In the case of career counseling, career concerns are shared, and advice is given according to the student's interests and aptitude. The counseling program is more focused on job counseling. In time for employment season, both document clinics covering resumes and cover letters and mock interview clinics are held after listing the applicants' experiences. The benefits of attending a job clinic are gaining an opportunity to get diverse solutions and being able to talk to experts and organize the students' thoughts individually. It also helps the students to adjust their pace according to trends and, therefore, adjust their situation in preparing for employment. Above all, practical help can be obtained through these clinics, but students will also receive a lot of help in building their confidence by vocalizing their anxieties concerning employment. The psychological counseling instructor said, "I hope you will actively use the counseling clinic. It is better to know what you like and are interested in and prepare specific questions about what you want to do before you come to the clinic. I also recommend that you come after a primary consultation with your professor-in-charge." Through one-on-one employment clinics, many students will be able to receive practical advice one-on-one through counseling regarding their concerns ahead of employment.

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