Special Lecture from Professor Kim Sunghun
Special Lecture from Professor Kim Sunghun
  • Gwack Ryu Seoyoun
  • 승인 2014.05.09 23:17
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On April 11th, Kim Sunghun, professor at Hong Kong University of Technology and Science, lectured at Sookmyung Women’s University.  The Sookmyung Times was in charge of the special lecture.  The title of the lecture was ‘Live Life as You Want.’  Professor Kim Sunghun stated, “Life is tough, but when you look back, you’ll know its worth.”  He also said that students have to look for opportunities and strive to attain their goals.  In addition, he discussed the problem of attitude.  The most impressive part of it was to do interesting activities that lead to a positive attitude, to live life with a good attitude, and to find creativity from fun, not work or study.  Byun Hyunjin, Department of Multimedia Science ’14, said, “The lecture was really interesting.  I learn how to build and live my life.  Besides, Professor Kim Sunghun was really humorous.  It was a great lecture.”  The lecture was a success, and students from SMU enjoyed a meaningful time during the lecture.  After the interview there was a question and answer sessions, which allowed students to ask questions directly to Professor Kim Sunghun.  In addition to questions about the lecture, there were other diverse kinds of questions.  Professor Kim Sunghun enjoyed accepting the questions and answered in earnest.  Moreover, Professor Kim Sunghun presented a special gift from Hong Kong to students who asked questions.

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