Reading Debate Competition : considering the individual freedom and community.
Reading Debate Competition : considering the individual freedom and community.
  • Lee Jung Seung-ji
  • 승인 2007.10.03 14:22
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A regular autumn has come upon us.  The sky is blue and high and the weather is cool.  More than during another seasons, it is perfectly fixed to read books.  So, Korean ancestors called the fall ‘the season of reading’.  Sookmyung Communication Development Center has progressed an event with KYOBO book center in terms of those.  The function is ‘Reading Debate Competition’ with students of university and high school in the whole country.  Its subject is individual freedom and community.  Actually, the observance had application via Internet and the primary test (an examination of reading appointive books) in September.  In October, they are going to have secondary step that is an essay test.  And then real stages will open in November.  Professor Heesun Shin in charge of the meet said, “I thought ‘Reading Debate Competition’ is a chance that Sookmyungians can deeply reflect on themselves and problems of the community.  Also, students can understand the past and prepare the future to make a better world through profound question.”  She continued, “It is an important opportunity that you can join positively on a course of study.  I think the reading debate in quality will make the students grow up the ability of profound regarding.”  Lastly she said, “There is a word that ‘the book is the wooden support to make us get the center’.  I want Sookmyungians to know why people should read books in the Digital age and the favor and benefits books give us in life.  Therefore, I want Sookmyungians to be the hosts of the event.”  If you want to know the more information, you can get those in Sookmyung Communication.

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