How to Grab the Audience's Attention
How to Grab the Audience's Attention
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2024.04.01 10:00
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<strong>PHOTO FROM SNOWAY</strong>
Make your presentation shine!


Sookmyung Women's University's Center for Teaching and Learning hosted the "Make Your Presentation Shine!" program from 2 to 18 February. During this period, students who signed up for the program from Snoway were able to take the online lecture on Snowboard. The lecturer for the program was Moon Si-jeong, CEO of The Pint, a consulting firm. In this lecture, she discussed how to give a presentation in two parts: "Message Planning" and "Becoming a Messenger." In the "Message Planning" part, she emphasized how to clearly deliver one's core message. She said this can be done more effectively through storytelling and provided tips on incorporating storytelling into a presentation. It was suggested that using a logical structure, a 'rhyme scheme' to present similarly from the beginning to the end is important so that the presenter can reiterate the value they want to convey. Next, she introduced how to deliver these messages well in the "Becoming a Messenger" section. As a skill, she introduced "EOB," an emphasis and persuasion technique. EOB is short for Example, Outline, Benefit, and it follows the process of starting with an example, making one's point, and ending with an implication about the topic. This allows the presenter to use stories to entertain the audience, help them understand naturally, and engage them. Finally, the course concluded with tips for presentation success. Kim Yu-gyeong, a Division of Education '22 said, "I usually have presentations in many situations, and I learned a lot of advanced skills through this program." It seems that the students who attended the program were able to think about how to make themselves shine in presentations.

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