Eat, Venture, Love
Eat, Venture, Love
  • Jo Ye-won
  • 승인 2024.04.01 10:00
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To begin with, if I had to briefly introduce myself to anyone, I would clarify myself as "a challenger" without a doubt. I lived abroad from a very young age, and I have been exposed to a lot of unfamiliar environments. Now, it has been years since my family settled in Korea, and the comfort that comes from a familiar environment has given me a sense of stability. But on the other hand, I always have a strong desire to explore another world once again. To fulfill my desire for life in a foreign country, I decided to apply the exchange student program.


The next destination: Tübingen, Germany

I was considering getting my master's degree abroad, and when the idea became clear in my mind, I resolved to gain experience studying in a foreign country. Living in a country while using a language other than my mother tongue and having to complete all applications and exams in English posed an additional challenge for me. Despite these challenges, I deemed the opportunity to study my field of interest more deeply in a new environment as an undergraduate student to be irreplaceable. With courage, I applied to the exchange student program.
Being passionate about neuroscience, I discovered that the University of Tübingen in Germany has a cognitive neuroscience program. I thought this was my first step toward studying abroad, and I confidently applied. Unlike the courses I had taken at Sookmyung Women's University, the University of Tübingen offers more specialized classes focusing on the brain in depth. I had the opportunity to delve into not only the overall structure of the brain but also very specific areas. Also, the purpose of my being an exchange student was to experience university life in a different country, and I am grateful to the University of Tübingen for making this a reality. Experiencing life in a foreign university allowed me to gain insights into what to expect in my future international student life and provided time for reflection on the kind of life I was dreaming of. During my six months in Tübingen, I had the chance to reflect on myself, learn more about who I am, and lay the groundwork for personal growth. As a result, I am gradually looking forward to my future with anticipation.




Life is like a box of chocolates

I went to Germany for the purpose of studying so I was solely focused on campus life at the University of Tübingen. However, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get." Every day in Tübingen felt like a gift to me. While I initially thought I would only get the chocolate of university life and cherish it accordingly, I was pleasantly surprised to receive other sweet chocolates as well, making each day feel like Christmas. In addition to the university experience, I enjoyed the rich chocolates of German culture, such as Oktoberfest, Halloween parties, chocolate markets, and Christmas markets. Along with the big sized chocolates, there were also small ones such as the opportunity to meet new people, get a gelato and sit by the Neckar River, and explore vast hills on sunny days. These small but precious moments added sweetness to my life. Life in Germany allowed me to find a sense of leisure that was missing from my busy life in Korea. Unexpectedly, as someone who initially thought I would only be studying, I was able to create unforgettable and precious memories that I will carry in my heart, and I rediscovered what truly mattered to me.


Every moment colored as love

Every moment in Tübingen was filled with love for me. The clean air, allowing me to witness sunsets in various hues, people enjoying sunny days walking with their dogs, and the experience of stepping into the bookstore where the writer Hermann Hesse once worked, immersing myself in the scent of books – these simple joys filled my daily life with love and happiness. However, what I cherished the most was the connections I formed. If it weren't for Tübingen, I wouldn't have met the valuable connections. Being an exchange student made it possible for me to meet wonderful people, share good times, have meals together, and create memories through travels. As my time abroad was approaching its end, I had become a more mature person, learning to appreciate love in both small and significant things. I loved spending time with people I cared about, watching sunsets from my dorm room, flowers sold in the city market, and feeling the love and support from back home in Korea. In Germany, with the academic goal in mind, I found myself transformed into a person enriched with a palette of diverse colors. To anyone who's considering being an exchange student, I just want to say this: Don't hesitate!


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