Unforgettable Moments of Exhilarating Movements
Unforgettable Moments of Exhilarating Movements
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
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Do you have a favorite sport? Watching athletes perform on the field can make you cry or laugh and experience a wide range of emotions. When you go to a game in person, if someone else is rooting for the same team, you may even put your arms around each other's shoulders or high-five people you've never met before at the stadium. Not only do people watch the games, but they also learn and play their favorite sports and make it a hobby. Let's see what kinds of sports Sookmyungians like and how they are enjoying them.


1. The Various Charms of Baseball
(Kim Chae-lin, Division of Business Administration '19)

Professional baseball is by far the most popular sport in Korea. In 2023, the number of live spectators exceeded 8 million, and nowadays, the fan base is particularly diverse, regardless of gender and age. Baseball can be divided into the appeal of the game itself and the appeal of watching it in person. The former is the sheer number of variables and uncertainty. For instance, even if the same pitcher and batter are facing each other, it depends on what kind of pitch is thrown and the batter's batting form. It also varies by where the players on the defending team are standing and their defensive positions. As these are just a few of the many variables, it makes baseball a game of variables. There's also the appeal of watching it in person. You cheer for your team by singing cheering songs along with the other fans, performing cheerleading moves, and yelling loudly. Nowadays, with the advancements in seating and facilities, you can often see people having chicken and beer, or even a barbecue. There is also an advantage of watching fireworks or a drone show at the outdoor nature of the stadium. When you really get into it, you'll never forget the overwhelming feeling of being in a ballpark with a crowd of people.


2. Why Don't You Join Judo?
(Tae Ji-ho, Department of Statistics '21)

Judo is like a game, the opponent is a quest, a mission, and there are so many places to attack here and there. If you lean one way, the opponent's body will be thrown, but you have to do it at the right time, in the right place, and with the right force to make a smooth transition from one position to the next. If you get one thing wrong, the other person won't let you go easily. It sounds like it's not an easy sport. Yes, actually, in most judo you can experience yourself being thrown more than throwing over the opponent. Obviously, it's one-on-one, but if you ask me why there is a higher likelihood of being thrown, I can say that it's similar to skiing. On a ski slope, beginners just fall, and likewise in judo, white belts learn how to fall first. Once you get good at it, you can feel the flow of force exchanged with your opponent, just like you feel the slope of a snowy hill as you glide down it. That's the point where judo becomes fun. It's a moment when a hard, difficult workout becomes a game, and if you come to the dojo every day with a sense of exhilaration, you'll soon become addicted to the sport.

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