Falling for the Charm of Cute Ribbons
Falling for the Charm of Cute Ribbons
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
  • 승인 2024.04.01 10:00
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Please introduce your outfit to our readers.

I paired the top with a ribbon pin in my hair and a ribbon blouse, as a nod to the ballet core look that's trending these days. I kept the colors white to create a unified look. The bottom is a pair of light blue jeans with a slightly wide fit. I think matching it with my grayish-white sneakers added a relatively cleaner look than the top. The top could have been too colorful on its own as it has a few ribbon decorations, so I kept the bottoms dressed down for a more casual feel.


If you have your own styling tips for using ribbons, please share it with our readers.

My fashion tip is to utilize ribbons in only one place, rather than wearing them on both the top and bottom. While ribbons on both the top and bottom can be pretty when coordinated well, they can sometimes be seen as a bit excessive. For this reason, I've chosen to coordinate my outfits with ribbons only on the top. This way, you can wear the ballet core look on a daily basis without it looking too excessive, and you can show off the ribbons better when you use one large ribbon and several smaller ones.


1. Blouse / NEARWEAR / 16,150 won

2. Blue jeans / THE TRILLION / 39,800 won

3. Ribbon pin / The love ring / 5,400 won

4. Shoes / New Balance / 119,000 won

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