Preservation of Moments in the Booth
Preservation of Moments in the Booth
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
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Preservation of Moments in the Booth1)

These days, photography is becoming an activity that has increasingly diverse purposes. There are many, such as to keep it as a memory, to upload it to social media, or to get a still image of one's moments. Along with this, 'photopress generation,' a compound word of 'photo' and 'express' which describes a generation who express and record their individuality through photography, has emerged. Activities that involve taking more professional photos of people, such as body profiles or personal photo shoots, have also been created in that context. In particular, unmanned photo studios, which entail entering a booth, taking pictures for a given period of time, and getting them back quickly, are popular among the photopress generation. There are several brands of unmanned photo studios like Photogray and Photoism in Korea now. In the case of Life Four Cuts store, it has expanded to Manhattan from Korea among other places and has set up business in 12 countries. The globalization of such a popular brand shows that unmanned photo studios are solidifying their presence globally. The cultural and economic influence of unmanned photo studios is gradually increasing.
In unmanned photo studios, it is convenient to download photos and videos to one's phone through a QR code. Uploading high-quality photos to social media and social network services (SNS) makes it easier for people to reveal themselves and communicate with others around them. Another factor that has increased the popularity of unmanned photo studios is their choice of colorful frame designs. Recently, frames that utilize a picture with the user's favorite celebrities or characters are being used, drawing fans to visit those kinds of studios. In addition, there are cases where the concept of the studio itself is uniquely decorated beyond the photo frame. One might contain a space that resembles a subway or elevator; another allows customers to take pictures by looking at a camera mounted above rather than in front. These elements go beyond the limited options of props and background colors previously provided by studios and create a point of differentiation and encourage people to visit. Kang So-jeong, a university student, said, "As new frames are designed and unique designs emerge, the desire to take pictures with that frame increases. I look forward to what design frames will be released in the future." This shows that the diversification of frames leads citizens to feel new and try things out, and further builds expectations for expansion and shows favorable attitudes. Therefore, visiting an unmanned photo studio goes beyond simply providing a space for taking pictures; it appears to be deeply entrenched in people's daily lives as it is also considered a space for leisure.


1) Yoon Yu-jeong, ""Take a Picture With Your Favorite Idol or Character!"... Frame Craze in Photo Booths", CIVICnews, May 4, 2023

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