Exploring Marginalized Human Rights
Exploring Marginalized Human Rights
  • Kim Hyeonseo
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Online human rights program


Sookmyung Women's University's Center for Human Rights opened an online human rights course called "Tium," which is available from March 11 to June 24. Students can apply through Snoway to watch 10 lectures on SnowBoard. The theme is to find the meaning of human rights in various academic fields, which are divided into detailed sections by professors. Third lecture on women's rights is "Korea's First Declaration of Women's Rights: Women's Rights Tongmun." Professor Han Hee-sook of the Department of History & Culture opened with an explanation of the background of gender equality and women's education rights. She emphasized the significance of women's rights by quoting from the Tongmun, "Women's Rights Tongmun is the first declaration of women's human rights in our history and has a great historical significance in that women themselves could claim their rights and set up schools." She ended with the encouragement or students to remember the importance and historicity of September 1, which is the anniversary of the declaration of women's rights in Korea. Next, Professor Kim Young-shin of the Graduate School of Music Therapy gave the ninth lecture: "Music Therapy and the Right to Health." He said that even the socially underprivileged have the right to enjoy the joy and benefits of music through playing musical instruments, singing, and listening to music, suggesting a new aspect of looking at human rights. It implies that listening to music is also a human right and that people should strive for a society where everyone can enjoy the right to participate in music and cultural aspects and freedom of expression. After watching the lectures, Hong Ye-eun, Department of Media '23, said, "It was a great opportunity to think about human rights in connection with various fields. If programs like this open again, I would like to participate." The Tium human rights course provided an opportunity for participants to find its meaning in diverse academic fields in ensuring human rights.

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