For Heightened Awareness of Human Rights
For Heightened Awareness of Human Rights
  • Shin Jung Soomin
  • 승인 2024.06.03 09:59
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Online violence prevention education


On March 25, Sookmyung Women's University's Human Rights & Gender Equality Center held a series of lectures titled Online Violence Prevention Education. The lecture consisted of eight videos divided into three parts, covering sexual harassment, prostitution, sexual violence, and domestic violence. In the first part, the theme was human rights education and gender equality education. Cartoonist Kim Tae-kwon, the instructor of the first part, talked about social minorities and the discrimination against them that can be found in Western art as well as pointing out the problems of discrimination that existed in the past, such as America's so-called "ugly laws" which targeted the poor and disabled. The second part covered sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention education with tips for how to respond when such an incident occurs. The participants represented the plaintiff's and the lawyer's position based on actual lawsuit cases and demonstrated the process of thinking about victims' claims objectively. In addition, the lecture correctly defined the term "victim-centered approach," which had the incorrect connotation that the victim is always right, and emphasized the importance of the recovery process of sexual crime victims. The series concluded with the third part concerning domestic violence prevention education and prostitution prevention education. Professor Kim Tae-kyung of Seowon University said that due to the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Crimes of Domestic Violence, if victims do not express their desire for punishment, the perpetrators will not receive any punishment. She ended the lecture by pointing out that this law provides an excuse to shift responsibility onto the victim. Kim Min-ha, Division of Child Welfare & Studies '24, said, "We often discuss the attitude we need to have for human rights, but I think it does not carry through to our daily actions. Thanks to the students' answers, it was an opportunity to learn new things that I didn't understand and to reflect on things I hadn't thought about before." This lecture was helpful for students in raising awareness of human rights and gender discrimination issues.

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