How to Start Your Own Business with AI
How to Start Your Own Business with AI
  • Kim Youn Soyun
  • 승인 2024.06.03 09:59
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The AI Startup School with Seoul


The AI Startup School with Seoul event, which was organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Google for Startup, was held from March 5 to April 9 in Sookmyung Women's University's Snowflake Square Hall. It provided startup knowledge, tools, and more with a focus on AI. The lecture aimed to provide lessons for prospective, early-stage founders and those interested in entrepreneurship or AI. The speaker, Lee Dong-kyung, who works as an account strategist at Google Korea, focused on AI digital marketing and provided products and information for startups. In addition, he explained the principles of Google Ads and how AI is utilized in them, and the way it can be used to acquire customers. On finding strategies, Google Ads was recommended to help people to figure out appropriate one as its AI calculates views and clicks. After him, Monica Kang, Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox, introduced a marketing strategy that people often misunderstand: focusing on a problem, and then covering storytelling strategies. According to her, the storytelling strategy is to tell a story with a problem, impact, solution, benefits, and advantages, not just a project. The marketing funnel, which shows the overall process of marketing, consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion. In the awareness stage, it is important to get ads to consumers, and in the consideration stage, to get them to take a closer look. Lastly in the conversion stage, it is emphasized to focus on maximizing the value of the conversion to sell the product. Through this tip, participants were given roadmaps on ways to utilize Google Ads and to acquire customers through it. Lee Youn-woo, Artificial Intelligence Engineering '20, said, "It was interesting to interact with people of various ages in diverse fields who are interested in starting a business and listening to the lecturers. I think it was very beneficial to hear from people who are actually in the industry." The AI Startup School with Seoul event conveyed to participants that with the rapid development and popularization of AI, even a one-person company can start an AI startup.


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