Talk About Changes, Sookmyung Student Meeting
Talk About Changes, Sookmyung Student Meeting
  • Gwack Ryu Seoyoun
  • 승인 2014.06.04 21:21
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On May 7th, Sookmyung Student Meeting was held.  The event was held for students who wished to express their wants and needs from the school.  President Hwang claimed, “Student Meetings like the one today would be held each semester, and this is the 3rd such meeting.  We might even hold another gathering this semester if there is a need.”  The most important issue raised at the gathering was decreasing the number of students per department and SMU development.  Sookmyung Student Meeting began with an opening address; then gave everyone plenty of time to discuss students’ needs and reorganization of the school system.  The head of each department answered student questions immediately and also detailed how the departments were doing their best to meet student needs.  Students also had the chance to ask about issues they still did not understand and wanted to know more about.  Lee Songyeon from the Department of Multimedia Science ’14 said, “Sookmyung Student Meeting allowed me to understand changes our department is going to implement.  I was surprised because department professors and students thought there’d be little or no change to the department.”  Sookmyung Student Meeting is scheduled again for next semester unless there is a huge cry for it once more this semester.

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