MOOC, Join New Courses
MOOC, Join New Courses
  • Jin Lim Youjeong
  • 승인 2014.09.05 01:50
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On August 7th, at the Digital Humanities Center in Sookmyung Women’s University the Korean MOOC business seminar was held.  According to the Digital Humanities Center, it established MOOC Campus Commons (see for more information) and it operates a new type of service that mixes on- and offline digital courses.  MOOC offers good quality online courses for college students at affordable prices.  Especially, MOOC is characterized by hundreds of various courses that are offered in Korean, and the system provides the world with the best and largest online service.  Also, students who use the MOOC system are able to engage in discussion easily through structured online and offline study groups.  Kang Nuri, College of Law ’13 said, “The newly designed and special structured MOOC was so interesting because it differs from normal courses students take offline.  With the MOOC system, my friends and I listened to many lectures from interesting sources and on interesting subjects, which were a pleasure to listen to.”  Moreover, professors, students, and managers can exchange ideas on the website via the system, and they can also meet on an SNS like Facebook easily.  Kim Hyeongrul, Head of Digital Humanities Center said, “We suggested a model that blends the learning of online and offline courses after evaluation of 15 years of data.”


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