Singing in the Sookmyung Chorus
Jin Lim Youjeong  |  smt_imyj@sm.ac.kr
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Have you ever seen the movie Harmony? The movie was filmed in 2010 and details the life of a group of women in prison who started a chorus.  Lots of people were impressed by the chorus.  There is another impressive chorus, and it is right here at Sookmyung.  The group sings together and creates beautiful harmony.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met Sookmyung Chorus to talk about harmony.


SMT Would you explain the main activities of Sookmyung Chorus?

Sookmyung Chorus The main activity of Sookmyung Chorus is its regular concert.  Also, Sookmyung Chorus members gather together weekly and practice around the clock to prepare for the regular concert.  We also participate in singing events for university students and hold mini concerts when requested.


SMT Since Sookmyung Chorus has a long history, it must have a huge alumni association.  Do you meet and sing with former members frequently?

Sookmyung Chorus Rather than meeting often, we meet in the chorus with graduates at our regular concert.  Graduates are busy and don’t always have time to meet, but they join actively.  Sookmyung Chorus becomes closer when members practice together, so bonds are deepen.  I went on stage along with former chorus graduates at our regular concert this time, and it was very meaningful.


SMT How do Sookmyung Chorus members learn to sing?

Sookmyung Chorus They receive a lot of help from alumni enrolled in the College of Music.  Outside of chorus practice, they practice their parts of soprano, mezzo, and alto.  Songs are chosen by the conductor and piano accompaniment is done by volunteer students of the piano department.  The conductor usually makes the music piece selections for our regular concerts.


SMT Two of your main activities are regular concert preparation and hard practice.  How often do you meet?

Sookmyung Chorus Sookmyung Chorus has one regular concert each semester.  We practice continually throughout the semester songs for the regular concert.  It seems simple, but it is hard work.  Being able to practice together on a regular basis is important, so we practice together twice a week: every Wednesday at Sookmyung Women's University and Saturdays at Hanyang University with male chorus members.

SMT What does Sookmyung Chorus mean to you?

Sookmyung Chorus To explain Sookmyung Chorus in a few words is difficult.  Sookmyung Chorus members come from various majors and are at various points in their university career, but over time, they all get familiar and close.  However, everyone becomes one through song, and they develop their relationships.  We feel happy singing; it eliminates stress.  In addition, the process of practicing an entire song perfectly is not easy, but it leads to finding meaning from the chorus.  We recommend Sookmyung Chorus to anyone who feels happiness from songs.

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