Grand Opening of Smart Sookmyung
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Park, a second year student at Sookmyung Women's University wants to reserve a spot in the school library.   She will not need a computer nor need to go directly to the library because she has downloaded the Smart Sookmyung application on her smart phone.  She is able to reserve a library seat with just a few minor touches.  Using this application, students can reserve seats in the library and attend a lecture comfortably instead of lining up to enroll.  There have been many amendments to the application Smart Sookmyung.

Whenever, Whoever, Whatever

Sookmyung Women's University has been leading the IT campus since 2002 when it first established the world's first comprehensive mobile campus.  Partnering with KT Telecom, Sookmyung Women's University established a smart campus based on Near Field Communication (NFC) services.  Smart Sookmyung provides a variety of services by linking smart phones to the existing IT environment, smart sensors, and software campus.  Through electronic attendance NFC and QR code identification, it is possible to access control, make reservations, and reserve books at the library.  Students can check their attendance by scanning the QR code at a classroom or by touching their smart phone on a NFC tag.   Investigation of the effectiveness of Sookmyung Women's University's Smart Sookmyung, found that more than for 99% of the fixed classrooms, e-attendance was faster than conventional roaster calling.1   To promote and explain how to use applications, a booth was set up in front of Myungshin building by SMU’s Information Management Services.  Hwang Sunhye, President of SMU said, "This application differs from other applications in the way it presents all apprications are on one screen based on access frequency.  This differentiates Sookmyung of that of other university as it combines IT and the emotions of women."2

Smart Sookmyung, Smart Sookmyungians

Our university has been revolutionary and had an impact on changing technology used inside campus.  Sookmyungians can now use the new installations by knowing the difference from former technology.  The Smart Sookmyung application had altered some parts and added additional functions that ease students’ life.  Smart identification, DICA seat allocation, bus schedule searches near school, and attendance checks are functions that have changed in the Smart Sookmyung application.  Students can even select other applications and bookmark them on their smartphone.  Rather than traversing through the Sookmyung homepage every time, students can just select and touch the application they have bookmarked.  Jung Yuna, Division of Business Administration ’13, said, “In the past, I always had to surf the university homepage for Sookmyung webmail, but now the Smart Sookmyung application provides a simpler method of access.”  Most services have been modified to allow students easy access to every application and installation.



How to be Smart with Smart Application?


1 Check My Attendance Right Away

Since there are QR codes and NFC on each student desk,   Sookmyungians are able to snap the code and mark their attendance in class directly from their seat.  They can also verify their attendance from the beginning of the semester by the application.  The attendance application shows students to check their absences and to check their attendance was taken correctly.  This innovative means of checking one’s attendance in class did not exist in the past.  In fact, Sookmyungians had to use an electronic attendance card in the past.  Students no longer have to worry about losing campus cards since their smart phone does everything!


2 Reserve My DICA Seat before Entering the Library

In the past, when students had to use the DICA, they always had to line up to reserve a seat in front of a small touch screen.  However, Sookmyungians can now reserve their computer seats using the application.  They can check whether seats are fully booked or not, which is much more convenient since they can check seat availability as they wander about the library.  Students no longer need to wait in long lines to reserve a DICA seat on a touch screen.


3 Check the Bus Schedule Near Sookmyung

Waiting for the bus is annoying, especially when we are late for class.  Most students try to weigh the options of walking verses taking a bus near the Sookmyung subway station.  Sookmyungians now, however, can view bus schedule information on the Smart Sookmyung application.  Rather than surfing for bus times on the Internet, students can get immediate information from the application.  Since all categories are geared toward Sookmyung Women’s University, all bus schedule information details buses and times for the Sookmyung campus.  Students also don’t have to search for the destination anymore.  They can simply touch a nearby bus stop which appears on their smart phone.


4 Use the Campus Map to go Everywhere

Sookmyungians sometimes have a hard time looking for certain buildings on campus.  Since there are some buildings that students don’t actually use frequently, they have a hard time finding them when they need to go there for special occasions.  Sookmyungians can now use the map application in Smart Sookmyung.  It provides not only pinpoint map locations, but it also explains and details the easiest way to get to the building.  Following the map on their smart phones, students can find get to the unfamiliar building easily.


5 Watching Sookmyung IPTV

Many buildings such as Myungshin and Sunheon have touch TV screens that students can use as they wait for the elevator or take a rest.  On the old TV screens, they could watch Sookmyung News or big events happening on campus.  However, from now, students can watch videos on their smart phones.  One application on Smart Sookyung is IPTV, which allows students to view videos or watch the news just like YouTube.  Students can also look for materials they need and save the files on their smart phones

Do the Changes and New Features Really Help Sookmyungians?

There are many problems with Smart Sookmyung.  First of all, there have been complaints about the Smart Sookmyung application on Everytime and other Sookmyung communities.  Most complaints are about the taking of attendance.  Although the purpose was to prevent proxy attendance, it seems inevitable.  First, classes with codes at every seat are limited and also there is still a way to cheat on attendance, so the application can't resolve the fundamental problem of proxy attendance.  At Everytime, the Sookmyung anonymous board, there were many posts that tell how the Smart Sookmyung’s attendance system can replace attendance.  There are also many students hanging around the exit of the library because the recognizer in front of the library can't read student IDs on the Smart Sookmyung applicaion.  As many as 100 students scan their QR code with their smart phones at the same time, the system becomes overload.  Because of the problem, additional errors are occurring.  Jeon Hyewon, Division of Business Administration '13 said, "Because there are so many problems with the Smart Sookmyung application, some professors are continuing to check attendance by taking roll, so it actually takes more time than the previous attendance system."  Contrary to expected benefits, the system seems less effective.  The fundamental problem is that there was no transition period.  The application is not perfect, and there was little information on how to use it or its practical usage.  Perhaps, the university should have used both the previous system and Smart Sookmyung until things ran smoothly.  By employing both systems, they could correct errors arising from the new application.


1 Park Heejin, "Sookmyung Women's University Go Forward through Establishing Smart Campus," Hankyung News, May 27, 2014

2 KT Promotion Team, "Build Smart Campus with KT Telecome," NEWSWIRE, May 27, 2014



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