Acting with Soul, Pit-a-Pat
Park Ra Minjee  |  smt_mjp@sm.ac.kr
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Watching performances gives us a life of full energy.  As people sing and dance, we also bring ourselves into the show and are fascinated by the mood. However, merely being part of an audience is now over.  We can now ‘make’ performances for others.  There is an impressive troupe on campus called Pit-a-Pat, and members directly produce all kinds of performances for a wide audience.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met Pit-a-Pat (PAP) to talk about their wonderful performances.

LOGO OF 'Pit-a-Pat'




SMTThe name of the club is very unique.  Could you explain the club’s name and the reason for the name? 

Pit-a-Pat ‘Pit-a-pat’ is a mimetic word used to express the feeling of one’s heart bouncing.  During one’s lifetime, there are occasions when we sing for joy or our hearts flutter because of certain expectations.  We chose this mimetic word for the club’s name since all of our members’ hearts flutter with expectation before big performances.  Whenever we prepare for a show, our hearts bounce with hopes of sharing joy with the audience.


SMT Would you explain the main activities of Pit-a-Pat?

Pit-a-Pat Main activity of our club is regular performances and shows.  Pit-a-Pat members gather together every week to prepare for a show.  We also frequently gather together more often when a performance date approaches.  Since we make our own props, club members should work hard on everything until performance day.  We have at least two performances each year, and now we are looking forward to the Hi Seoul Festival that will be held in mid October.


SMT  What unique characteristic of Pit-a-Pat differentiates it from other performance groups?

Pit-a-PatOur performance club has intimate bonds between members.  In other words, our work does not separate the activities of planning, acting, and designing. Rather, we freely engage in all tasks and help each other whenever we lack something.  Since we make our own props, we need constant cooperation.  It is not too much to say that Pit-a-Pat supports special attachment and unity among club members.



SMT  Preparing for the show seems to require a lot of sensitive work. Do you encounter any conflicts or hardships during preparation seasons?

Pit-a-PatWhenever a performance date approaches, most club members become sensitive because of the hard practice.  Also, we have little time to get ready.  There are conflicts or hardships during preparation seasons, but members try to resolve situations by frequent conversations and discussion.  Since we have team leaders in each field, all club members are free to propose issues or talk about problems and hardships.


SMT  What can we acquire by participating in Pit-a-Pat during university?

Pit-a-PatPreparing something for a certain goal is actually not easy.  We encounter many obstacles and they make us grow.  However, Pit-a-Pat can be the perfect chance to make you ‘do’ something and feel that you ‘did’ something.  By preparing for big performances, you can feel and learn many things with other members during university.  Cooperation and overcoming obstacles are not acquired by words.  Join us and feel it!

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