Finding Dreams in ‘Sookmyung Open Campus’
Finding Dreams in ‘Sookmyung Open Campus’
  • Choi Kim Taeeun
  • 승인 2014.10.10 15:07
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On September 13th, the Admissions’s office hosted ‘Sookmyung Open Camous’ at the university’s 2nd campus.  This event was held to give middle and high school students opportunities to meet professors and students in each major and provide information when choosing their university and majors.  On this day, 1,100 students gathered to listen to special lectures from professors from 22 majors.  Thus, the wide range of majors gave students a chance to think more specifically on how to prepare for college and their future careers.  Moreover, the admissions officer’s special lecture on writing a self-introduction gave information on not only the method of writing a good self- introduction but also information on unscheduled admissions.  Especially, ‘Enrolling Student’s Booth’ which started this year was popular among young students.  The booth including 60 students of 27 major introduced their major, future career and their story of how they got accepted to SMU.  Gye Hyoseon, first grade student of Mokdong Highschool, said “I was able to listen to a real university lecture thus, understand the major more thoroughly.”  Adding to this the admissions officer, Lee Hyunmi who planned this event said “This event provided young students information of campus life and majors. Also it was a good opportunity to enhance our university’s image.”

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