Foreign Publication Exhibition for Users
Foreign Publication Exhibition for Users
  • Chang Chun Heejin
  • 승인 2014.10.10 15:19
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Between the 16th and 19th of September, SMU library held an event, 2014 Foreign Publication Exhibition.  It is held in the first floor of the SMU library.  It gave a chance for students and professors to read a variety of foreign books in person and recommend the books they need to library.  There were about 3,000 published foreign books of all of studies in SMU, and it had about 2,000 sheets of music as well.  Undergraduate students were able to choose five books to recommend, graduatie students could choose 15 and professors could without limit of the amount of books.  The event gave a pencil as a souvenir to each student who joined the event and also culture gift cards to some students by instant lot.  The audio book and e-book system demonstration was also held during the event so that students, who did not know the system, could experience how to use them.  Jeong Hyunah, Department of Political Science and International Relations ’12 said,‘It was difficult to find the right book I  needed because there were not many displayed foreign books in library, so I think this event is a good chance to choose books I had wanted.”  At the exhibition, it held a festival of donation books; it sold donation books to students for 500 won for each.  All of money from the fesitival were planned to donate to School Development fund.  Park Kyunghee, Director of Main Library Resource Development said, “We would try to satisfy library users’ wants through this event, providing a chance to choose the foreign books, which were hard to approach for users but they need. Also, we hope students to become more interested in SMU library through this event”

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