Short-term Visit of Chuo University in Japan
Short-term Visit of Chuo University in Japan
  • Cho Park Jiyeon
  • 승인 2014.10.10 15:23
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On September 17th there was a seminar for the 2014 Short-term Visit of Chuo University in Japan at Han Sang Eun Lounge of Centennial Hall.  The seminar was organized as part of the interuniversity lessons for the global partnership between Sookmyung Women’s University and Chuo University, which was established in 2004.  Attending the seminar was one professor and 20 students from the Department of Sociology at Chuo University.  11 students at SMU were able to participate.  The seminar mainly consisted of free open discussion on 6 topics: economy, family, education, culture, religion, and politics.  Participants compared Korean and Japanese cultures and engaged in group work.  Not only this, students from the two universities also had time to socialize with each other.  Kim Hyejoong, Department of Japanese Studies ’11 said, “Our team debated religion.  It was so meaningful because it’s not a typical topic of conversation. We exchanged various opinions through cultural comparison between the two countries.  Moreover, I felt like I was hanging out with good friends although it was a seminar.”  Choi Soyoung, Director of the International Cooperation Center said, “The seminar provides an opportunity for students at both universities to engage in enjoyable conversation and learning while widening personal networks and raising global mindsets.  Especially, it is a great chance for Sookmyung students to develop their Japanese.”

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