Feel the Excitement, Chungpa Festival!
Feel the Excitement, Chungpa Festival!
  • Park Ra Minjee
  • 승인 2014.10.10 15:28
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From September 24th to 26th, Sookmyung Women’s University held a school festival in which students from other universities could also enjoy together.  Each major ran booths that served food for participants.  Since the concepts and styles of the booths were all unique, students were able to visit all different kinds of booths with unique characteristics.  Moreover, there were a lot of singers and a variety of performances that brightened the festival’s atmosphere.  Lee Jiseon, Division of Child Welfare and Studies ’13, said, “There were many festival booths operated by and decorated by departmental students. We had a great time making food for guests and meeting new people.”  The festival offered Sookmyungians a great chance to relax and enjoy the animated surroundings.  Since visitors from other university participated in the festival, the atmosphere was more alive and festive.  According to the Administration Office, “Chungpa Festival had a large festive atmosphere that all the students can enjoy their time during the whole night with music and shows.”  Three days of festivities was more than enough for students to revitalize themselves with sufficient energy to survive the rest of the semester.  Event though the scale was smaller than in the past, Sookmyungians and other participating university students could relax and enjoy a break filled with enjoyment.

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