The World of Embroidery, "Wearable Art: Inspiration in Thread"
The World of Embroidery, "Wearable Art: Inspiration in Thread"
  • Choi Kim Taeeun
  • 승인 2014.11.05 22:01
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On October 8th, the 10th anniversary exhibition ‘Wearable Art: Inspiration in Thread’ was held at the Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum (CEM).  CEM opened on May 11th, 2004.  It is a museum providing important embroidery cultural heritage artworks and textiles, especially from East Asia, for research, storage, and display.  The 10th anniversary exhibition will run from October 8th to December 30th and it will display artworks by international designer groups and artists who were inspired by the collections and historical relics of CEM.  CEM will provide an open forum for global fashion by displaying wearable art by designers and artists.  The exhibition’s goal is to be a stepping-stone for modern designers and artists.  Moreover, the museum’s textiles, which are a mixture of the present and the past, attempt to inspire scholars, artists, designers, and the public.  Kang Hyejun, Department of Entrepreneurship ’14, said “The museum on campus provides a great opportunity for not only enrolled students but also for the public to increase exposure to artwork. I was able to see embroidery artwork from all over the world.”  CEM representative said, “The exhibition will provide rich resources for artists and designers.  Also, it is a great opportunity to introduce the world of embroidery to the public.”

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