Enjoy Humanities and Find Your Way
Enjoy Humanities and Find Your Way
  • Chang Chun Heejin
  • 승인 2014.11.06 20:53
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The 2014 Sookmyung Humanities Festival is being held.  The main theme of the festival is ‘Humanities, Pull Down the Walls.’  The purpose of the festival is to inform people on how to overcome barriers in life with the knowledge of humanities and thoughts about oneself and one’s life.  The festival holds two different kinds of events; one is during the Humanities’ Week for SMU students, and the other events are being organized for citizens.  There are five events happening during Humanities’ Week: a lecture concerning the play, a field investigation by visiting modern historic sites, a presentation competition, a discussion festival, and farming experience programs.  Anyone at SMU can participate in the programs except the farming experience programs because they have already finished.  Seo Young-gwang, Department of Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management ’11, said, “I joined the lecture program focusing on the play named Yusayugam, and it provided a great chance to understand humanities interestingly.”  Also, three different citizen events are held: lectures with plays, lectures with plays for adolescents, and Autumn Humanities Lectures for Citizens.  Lee Jinah, Associate Professor of the Department of Korean Languages & Literature, said “To overcome obstacles of life, basic thoughts about oneself and one’s life are very important.  I want students and citizens to become closer to humanities and live by them.”

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