Be Dynamic while Dieting
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Most people these days are wild about dieting.  Whenever we see people who have good looking figures, we envy them.  However, starting a diet is not easy. One needs so much self-control, which is usually the reason for giving up.  Then, is it really possible to succeed dieting in healthy way?  In order to experience several dieting missions that are trendy these days, Minjee, a reporter for the Sookmyung Times, attempted to diet correctly. 

Keep a Routine 

A diet requires one to follow two big basic rules: exercise and eat properly.  We should consider both aspects since they affect each other.  It is not appropriate to go without food and exercise, but it is also not appropriate to overeat and exercise.  In order to incorporate the two concepts, I divided the rules into three parts: exercise, meals, and drinks. 


It is necessary to exercise regularly for a healthy biorhythm.  Every morning or every night, one should exercise by repeating the same movements regularly.  In order to learn various exercise techniques, I followed fitness video clips from YouTube. Since the video clips easily showed people the motions and steps, they were easy to follow even though it was my first time.  I could also keep track of my total exercise time through following the videos.  There were many types of video clips that focused on different parts of the body.  Since I wanted to better my overall body image and health, I followed the basic course. Every night, I followed the motions and steps as spoken by the fitness instructor on the video clip.  I also researched some information from fitness guide books and followed those instructions as well.  Through my effort, I soon felt refreshed and felt like I was discovering my own biorhythm.

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In addition to exercising almost every night, I also tried to control my meals.  I tried to drink detoxification juices every morning when I woke up.  I used vegetables and fruit in order to make my morning cup of juice.  I boiled the vegetables before putting them into the mixer with fruit.  After boiling some lettuce, carrots, and broccoli, I minced them with a blender and added half piece of banana and an apple.  Adding about 1/3 cup of water, I finally combined them all together and drank the juice without any additives.  Besides this detoxification juice, I also ate oatmeal and milk. I boiled the oats in one cup of soya milk.  As the oats cooked, they became pudding-like. I ate it along with plain yogurt.  This diet plan made my digestive organs much more active and I was successful in losing a little weight, too. 



Employing the ‘water drinking’ application, I tried to drink as much water as I could.  The application notified me every hour to drink a bottle of water.  I set an alarm to ensure I met my quota of water for the day.  Using the application, I refrained from drinking soda and juice.  Drinking water frequently helped me to lose weight and made my skin much bright, too.  Since dehydration can be a problem while exercising, drinking water frequently is very important for a diet. 


Little Changes Make Big Output

After continuing this course of action for about 2 weeks, my body fat percentage decreased.  Also, I increased the amount of muscle mass in my body.  Before starting this diet course, I didn’t exercise frequently and I used to overeat almost every day, but my body changed with the changes in my daily routine.  I never attempted hard exercises as they were beyond my ability.  All motions and poses were so easy that anyone could follow them.  Even though I couldn’t feel as though I was losing weight, I felt slight changes in my body as the time passed.  My immune system was once weak and walking to school used to be very hard. However, by following the video clips and instruction book, my body condition changed a lot.  Drinking detoxification juice and water every day had a huge impact on my digestive system, which also helped my physique.  Those little changes in my daily routine actually changed my body a lot.

Never Let Your Guard Down

Having self-control is not easy. Even though we decide ourselves to control food intake and lose weight, the decision doesn’t typically last long.  However, by following the three basic rules, I found it easy to continue with dieting.  The most important point is to never give up. Changes never come instantly, but changes will come and they will have a great impact in the long run.  Let’s be healthy and control our bodies by making simple changes to our daily lives. Never let your guard down; you’ll reach that goal of a great physique soon enough! 



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