Let's Go Together with Troika
Let's Go Together with Troika
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.03.26 18:10
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Do you remember the performance of the violin on the last November cold day?  Or, do you recollect somebody giving students a ride in a wagon?  It is the view on canvass for the 39th election of the students’ government in the name of "Troika."  They have a motto, "Troika of Sookmyung, by Sookmyung, for Sookmyung."

As a new term begins, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) met the president and vice-president of the new student government, Min Jeong and Kwon Se Hwa, to understand more about Troika.

SMT: The performance of the violin is very impressive.  What is the most significant fact of Troika that helped you win the election?
Troika: Because I speak from my heart, we communicate our ideas clearly to Sookmyungians.  The violin attracts their attention and role as a medium.  


SMT: What is the biggest problem currently within the campus in Troika's opinion?  And how will you solve these problems?
Troika: The biggest matter is individuality.  Of course, other schools face this problem and that is related to social atmosphere.  The power of unity is a very important factor, therefore we focused on that.  We have a two way that are in On-line and Of-line strategies.  The On-line way strengthens the network efficiently through community on the web page.  On the other hand, to find new pleasure in school is Off-line strategy.  With various events, we attract and gather all their bodies and minds.  So we want all students to feel meaningful campus life more than ever.

SMT: What is the priority of the Troika's seven categories of public commitment?
Troika: There is no one less significant category, so we carry on the commitment with equal concern.  Troika just concentrates our efforts on Sookmyungians.  We want to hear that Troika's back view is so beautiful.

SMT: Some people criticize the feasible scheme of a public promise.  What prior efforts are there to get actuality in Troika's view?
Troika: We don't decide the public promises that are within the realm of possibility, but we consider what we can do for Sookmyung.  We make sure that a great deal of effort is put into the way of leading students' to join the campaign and many events.  Besides, we spare no effort to confer with the school authorities.

SMT: Many Sookmyungians are concerned about the news of raising the registration fee.  Troika said, "We will make progress a Cosmos Negotiation."  Would you tell us about the negotiation?
Troika: We are conducting a campaign for retrenchment of expenses to each organization when they draft the budget.  In addition, we audit the budget unnecessary expenditures and request cutting these expenses.  It is a requirement to look for more practical ways and have rational and logical access.  So to speak, we think this year is the period to know the process, but we state positively that we will be responsible Sookmyungians in 2008. 

SMT: You pledged a policy to letter to Sookmyungians on 1 each month related to school activity and set up "Byun of Sookmyung" in toilet as a communication way.  There are positive possibilities for communication among students; however there are also questions about participation rates.  How do you ensure participation rates?
Troika: The doubt is caused by insufficient public relations.  The public relations are based on a deficiency in communication.  So, we aim to communicate and have some methods that are a letter and "Byun of Sookmyung" and so on as stated.  We notify students of our intentions and we can hear schoolmates' idea through the communication.  Our relationships then become friendlier.  Therefore, we believe it has a positive effect. 

SMT: There are concerns about supporting students and helping them to find employment.  What is your specific plan of operation related to this subject?
Troika: Finding employment is a problem that confronts us, so we can't pass over the matter.  We put emphasis on the synergy effect with Career and Development Center.  Moreover, we organize the place of employment to specialize in the general student association for the first time.  For example, a student's pocket book is a joint consideration designed by both Troika and the Career and Development Center including the related information. 

SMT: Please give us your word to Sookmyungians.
Troika: Remember, Troika goes together with Sookmyungians.  When we are concerned with our problems, then we are able to solve the problems.  Troika promises that we express our deepest gratitude and do our best by December.  Encourage and admonish us at any time.  This year is an important and meaningful time to prepare for the new millennium.  We hope that the school authorities, students and Troika will work together with one accord so that "Troika," can adorn the history of Sookmyung.


Troika is busy and rushed with work for Sookmyung even during the vacation.  In 2007, Troika is filled with many programs and plans for Sookmyung.  All their concerns are focused on Sookmyung with participation and communication and they believe in their success with firm confidence.  From now on, it is time to see Troika working for Sookmyung. 

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