Cross the Stream of Art from around the World
Cross the Stream of Art from around the World
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2007.11.05 14:57
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Masters from around the world gathered together at a festival in Seoul.  The Would Masters’ Festival in Arts & Culture 2007 was held at Exhibition Hall 1 & 2 of AT Center.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) visited the festival on October 3.  A total of 51 countries participated in this event and there were many sights to be seen.  The festival was indeed great and splendid.

Each Day, two performances were held, while each day a different theme: Latin America Day, African Day, Asian Day, European Day, and Korean Day.  The day when SMT visited the festival was on Asian Day.  A lot of people audience members were enchanted by the sweet and unfamiliar music that greeted their ears. 

They seemed to enjoy the different music, culture: costume, and ornaments that they saw on the stage.  It was a very good chance to understand and feel the differences and similarities between various countries and cultures.  Of course, SMT had a good time watching the show before viewing around the exhibitions in the hall.

There were not only performances at this festival.  Moreover, the invited Korean masters held an exhibition in the same hall.  700 arts and crafts of 36 artists were exhibited.  Some booths held not only exhibits, but also hands-on experiences.  Children showed interest in drawing minhwa(pictures by the people) and playing a traditional instrument like a gayageum or a geomungo.  Adults seemed to enjoy making cloisonné and they were interested in clothes which fused traditional and modern design and hand-on experiences.  People were able to show their arts and culture from all over the world in one arena, the International Hall.

This event was not only a festival for a few invited masters from around the world.  The public could also indirectly feel and experience different cultures of the world through 5days of performances and industrial arts exhibitions at some countries’ booths.  And also, you were given a chance to think and understand more than before about Korean traditional culture.  Foreigners got a close look at Goryeo celadon, chinaware and a gold crown of the Beakje period.  Whether you are Korean or foreign, this festival might provide a chance to understand Korean culture and to experience and feel other countries’ cultures more and more widely. 

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