Find Common Ground through Communication
Find Common Ground through Communication
  • Chang Chun Heejin
  • 승인 2014.12.04 17:43
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On November 11th, there was a date event with Sookmyung Women’s University President in Myungshin Lounge.  About 40 students regardless of specialty subject attended the event.  Students were given detailed information on SMU’s development plan and asked to voice their ideas and inquires about the plan and reservations about SMU facility defects.  In addition to the President, several chiefs of deans of each affair, and heads of various offices in SMU participated in this event to understand students’ opinions and reflect their concerns in the new developmental plan.  Hwang Sunhye, President of SMU, said, “I think SMU’s main asset is ‘acceptance.’  It’s wonderful that events like these can be held to share opinions and dreams for SMU and find common ground.”  Deans of each affair used the opportunity to become familiar and communicate with all participants freely.  They provided information on plans for library remodeling and improving other facilities, and students voiced concerns about other issues as well as immediate school problems, which the President and deans of each affair were unaware of, but admitted needed to be dealt with.  Also, there was explanation about reconstruction plans.  The President explained why SMU need restructuring and how the restructuring would be carried out.  Han Yein, Division of Chinese Language & Literature ’13, said “I could feel the President’s love for SMU through her words.  I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to listen firsthand about university reorganization plans for SMU.” 

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