Special Time for Professors and Students, Student Mentoring Day
Special Time for Professors and Students, Student Mentoring Day
  • Kim Oh Jieun
  • 승인 2014.12.04 17:52
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On November 4th, SMU held its fall semester Student Mentoring Day.  Professors of different departments made programs aimed at better communications with students.  At SMU, there were two events hosted by the Office of Student Affairs.  At 10 a.m. at the auditorium of Queen Sunheon Building, the movie Good Will Hunting was showed to students who registered for the event.  For students who came to see the movie, the office provided popcorn and a can of coke.  At 11 a.m, there was supposed to be a tug-of-war on the field in front of Saehim Building.  However, the program was canceled because no department registered.  Representative of the Office of Student Affairs said, “The programs were set up in place for departments that did not prepare an event for Mentoring Day.  Most departments made programs of their own.  For instance, the College of Law held a golden bell contest at school.”  Regrettably, nowadays, most students do not participate in Student Mentoring Day events unless it is mandatory.  Choo Mooseuk, professor in the School of English said, “Student Mentoring Day is unique to SMU.  Professors cancel all lectures to develop better relations with students.  However, most students do not participate because they would rather take a rest at home.  I have contacted my students and asked them to come out to join a program I created.  Sadly, a number of students did not turn up.  I think SMU needs to seek a solution to this problem.”

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