Learning about Korea at SMU
Learning about Korea at SMU
  • Kim Oh Jieun
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From January 5th to 26th, SMU held the 2015 Sookmyung Winter Beyond Borders Program (WBBP) for international students who signed up for the program.  Kim Hansol, representative of the Office of International Affairs said, “WBBP is a program that runs every winter break.  It is an opportunity for foreign students to get to know more about Korea and to take part in various cultural activities.  This year about 20 foreign students joined the program.”   Students who attended WBBP stayed at International House and were aided by SMU’s leadership group U.R.I.  The program was composed of get-to-know Korea courses and cultural excursions.  In the morning, students take Korean Language for Foreigners to learn basic Korean language skills.  In afternoon, they learn Taekwondo and Korean Sports Culture practical courses.  Students who attend the program receive a maximum of 5 credits.  For the cultural excursion program, students make Korean food and learn K-pop dance at the gym next to the Science College.  In addition, students are taken to the performance NANTA and visit Bukchon Hanok Village as off-campus cultural experiences.  Students who attend the cultural part of the program were highly satisfied.  Jane Reynolds, a student from Anglo State University, USA, said “I was always interested in Korea because of K-pop.  By WBBP, I learned Korea’s culture a lot and made many good friends.”   

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