Spread New Wings under the Name of Sookmyungian
Spread New Wings under the Name of Sookmyungian
  • Cho Park Jiyeon
  • 승인 2015.03.06 22:49
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On February 11th, SMU held its yearly entrance ceremony and family welcoming party at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.  The event consisted of three parts.  First year students watched a SMU promotion video and learned the school song in Part One.  The ceremony was started enthusatically in the Part Two.  President Hwang Sunhye said, “Being Sookmyungians is something you can be proud of your entire life, and you will also be proud of Sookmyung.”  All new students pinned school badges to each other and felt a sense of pride singing the school song once again.  They were cheered on by the audience, which was composed of professors, alumnae, and their families.  Part Three was followed by celebration performances by the cheerleader club NIVIS, and the dance club, MAX.  An especially ardent atmosphere packed the hall during the performances of the bands LU:KUS and Kiha & The faces.  Moreover, there was a congratulatory video message from MBC Infinite Challenge members.  After the entrance ceremony was over, first year student orientations by each individual college continued until the following day, the 12th.  Lee Chanmi, Division of Child Welfare & Studies ’15, said, “The ceremony was great.  In particular, the moment of attaching a school badge on each other was touching and made me reflect on all the hard work I had to do to get here.  I will never forget the ceremony for a long time.” 

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