For the Young Who Want to Be CEOs
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승인 2007.11.05  17:36:13
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Kang Suk-jean


President of CEO Consulting Group

On October 8, the president of CEO Consulting Group, Kang Suk-jean, visited SMU to deliver a speech for Sookmyungians.  His special lecture was held at the Auditorium in Queen Sunheon Building with the subject, 'For the young who want to be a CEO in the future.'


He pointed out what qualities leaders should have by telling his own story. He said, “First, set up higher expectations as you run into the world so that you can achieve a higher dream.  Next, don’t be afraid to fail because it would be helpful for your next success.  Then don’t do your work, but enjoy your work.  Finally, see the world with an open mind—beyond race, religion, nationality, and the thought.” 


During the lecture, he introduced an anecdote with CEO Jack Welch and definde the real leader.  "I think a person who not only persuades others when he/she is right, but also accept others opinion when he/she is wrong is a real leader, such as Jack Welch." Last of all, he mentioned that he wanted Sookmyungians to do some sort of artistic activity as well as doing their work since the activity made him rich in originality and named as a western painter. 

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