Come Look and Enjoy Your Campus Life
Come Look and Enjoy Your Campus Life
  • Kim Oh Jieun
  • 승인 2015.04.02 00:37
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From March 3rd to the 5th, the 47th Student Council Reflying hosted Haeorum Festival on SMU’s main campus.  According to Student Council President Kim Shinjae, “Haeorum Festival is held every first week of a new school year.  The festival aims to help first-years become familiar with and join club activities as well as learn more about the school.”  During this year’s festival, students who visited the Student Union Building’s 4th floor were given a student handbook.  Also, undergraduate students who wanted a new school letter jacket came to the same building.  This lineup, beginning on the 4th floor, reached the roof top.  Outside the building, leadership groups and other clubs advertised their clubs to first-year student.  Booths were set up from Myungshin building to in front of Queen Sunheon Building.  In addition to these activities, there was an event on March 4th hosted by UnivTomorrow.  The company handed out company magazines and snacks to students.  At the last day of the festival, at 4 p.m, there were performances by SMU clubs like DESTINY (the band group), MAX (the dance club), Code Blue (the acoustic guitar club), and others.  Yang Yelim, Department of Global Cooperation ’15 said, “The festival was a good experience to me.  It was hard for me to find information about clubs on my own; however, at the Haeorum festival, I could learn about club activities from senior club members.”

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