Develop Your Potential
Develop Your Potential
  • An Lee Jung-un 기자
  • 승인 2007.11.05 17:45
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    I take the subway for fifty minutes to get to Sookmyung Women’s University, so I read to spend time usefully.  One day while I read a book named Positive Thinking, I read an article about the percussion instrument performer, Evelyn Glennie . 

    She is called the ‘Barefoot Musician’ because when Evelyn Glennie performs, she takes off her shoes.  In addition, Queen of England conferred the title of Dame to her, which is the equivalent to Sir for men.  Why did the Queen give her that title?  Simple.  Dame Glennie is an impressive woman with great musical ability. Especially impressive is the fact that Dame Glennie is hearing impaired.  Therefore, she takes off her shoes to feel sound through vibrations when she performs her instrument.  She plays music not using her ears but instead feels the music on her skin.

    We all have difficulties that keep us from achieving our dreams.  The difficulty may be an external or internal factor.  Without knowing your specific difficulty, I can’t advise how to overcome your difficulties.  However, I can give some definite advice.  You can overcome your difficulty by using the potential power that you have.  We have the potential abilities and they help you overcome your hardship. 

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